Written By: Emily Park, University News

The Campus Eye mobile app works to keep an eye on not only campus safety issues but on campus maintenance issues as well. Campus Eye is a mobile reporting app designed for the use of college/university campus facilities maintenance and safety personnel who can use the app to enable student, faculty, and/or staff reporting.

“The app makes everyone responsible for safety and maintenance concerns around campus, which enables school administrators to immediately take action on reports that are sent in, in turn getting things done in a quicker and more timely fashion,” said Garrett Foley, Campus Eye Vice President of Sales.

Campus Eye, which is based in Kansas City, began their beta project in 2014, testing it with local universities including UMKC, Rockhurst, and UCM. Currently, over 30 colleges and universities across four states use the app, which is made with three separate parts.

The first part is the Campus Eye mobile app which allows students, faculty and/or staff to send reports. Depending on the campus, the app will have either or both campus facilities problem and campus security problem reporting and include a 911 call button.

The second part, similar to the app, is a web reporting page that allows users with or without the app to report concerns, Users have the ability on both the app and web page to choose to report anonymously as a silent witness.

The final part of Campus Eye is the online dashboard intended for the use of school administrators which allows campuses to set up the app the way they want to with different category and department options. The dashboard also allows administrators to see trends in their reports, notify personnel to take care of that report and track the progress of each individual report. “We had some vision in regards to mobile apps,” said Foley. “Most people have a smartphone and use them to carry their lives, we thought of making a mobile app that could send information, be at everyone’s fingertips and interconnect everyone on a college campus simply with just one mobile app.”

Currently, UMKC uses Campus Eye internally in the campus facilities management section and building liaisons. The university has not officially released the app to students, but [many] have used it on their own with past versions of the app. The current version of the app requires a campus code which UMKC Facilities Operations Director Randy Shingleton hopes to begin releasing to students within the next year or so.

In the past two years of experience with the app, UMKC has had success with Campus Eye, which has made a significant difference in resolving campus maintenance issues.

“It’s like having hundreds of additional eyes on campus,” said Shingleton. “We have 140 or so campus facility people in various departments. They might see a down tree limb, for example. They can take a picture and put in a report, and we can get a work order created and get problems dealt with before they become something bigger. It’s been wonderful, and we’ve been able to keep up with the majority of things people have found so far. I’m looking forward to getting things more rolled out with the app [on campus].”